2017 Ford Bronco Price, Review, News

2017 Ford Bronco front

We are proud to announce that Ford revealed that the iconic truck-SUV will be redesigned and released for 2017 year market. It`s Bronco, one of the Ford`s most famous trucks they’ve ever produced. Now, new 2017 Ford Bronco have the ability to be even more popular because we all know that customers just love to have that beautiful combination between trucks and SUVs in just one model. Bronco is famous about that so we are sure that you`re going to be thrilled with it. Here it is, in his full shine.

2017 Ford Bronco front

2017 Ford Bronco Proud Design, Changes

It`s obvious that new 2017 Ford Bronco is based on the Ford`s Atlas concept and we think that is good thing because Atlas was one of the most favorite models in previous few years, especially on the South American market, so that can`t be mistake. He`s going to have massive, powerful body made with lightweight but strong materials such as carbon fiber, hard steel and aluminum. Because of that, his weight is expected to be reduced and his performances to be increased. All his dimensions will remain almost the same but some of the details will become larger than before. That will be headlights, taillights and grille. New 2017 Ford Bronco will receive some new lines on the hood and on the sides which will make him have that classy look as well. New Bronco will arrive on newly developed 20.0-inch set of wheels and because of that, he`s going to be extra capable to be taken off-road with no problem.

Cabin of new 2017 Ford Bronco will be, on first place, extra cozy and spacious. That won`t be a problem for the passengers at all, they will definitely going to enjoy the ride in new Bronco because besides great spacious, Ford will give him newly designed and arranged seats with better spine and sides support and with numerous of adjustments directions. Functionality will be on second place for 2017 Ford Bronco and we expect to see some newly developed functions which will be placed on the newly designed instrument board which will be equipped with less buttons than before to make it easier to control. There will definitely going to be: rear view camera, cruise and traction control, parking sensors, hill assistant, new navigation system, dual-zone climate controller, Bluetooth and 4G LTE Internet connection and many more yet to be revealed.

2017 Ford Bronco rear

2017 Ford Bronco Engine

We`ve heard for three engine options that will be available for new 2017 Ford Bronco and every one of them is special and more than useful. First, there can be 2.7-liter V6 unit which is available to produce 325 horsepower and torque amount of 375 lb/ft. Second option for new 2017 Ford Bronco will be 3.5-liter V6 unit which can develop 365 horsepower and around 420 lb/ft as his maximum torque amount. Final choice you`re going to have if you buy new Ford Bronco will be 5.0-liter V8 engine with 385 hp and with  torque amount of 387 lb/ft. Every one of these three options will be mated with the 6-speed automatic transmission system which can make his fuel consumption even reduced a bit.

2017 Ford Bronco interior

2017 Ford Bronco Price and Release Date

There aren`t yet official price and release date available for new 2017 Ford Bronco so we must turn to the rumors and speculations and they are saying that new Bronco can be released at the March of 2017, not before that and that his starting price could be over $30k.

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