2017 Ford F250 Review, Performance, News

2017 Ford F250 front

When you have letter F in front of Ford`s vehicle you know that is truck because they have that amazing F series of trucks that most of truck lovers could talk for days. Among them F 150 is definitely number one but this new 2017 Ford F250 is coming closest to the world icon in truck models. With his new generation he`ll definitely going to attract even more customers. Let`s see how much customers he can attract and can he take some customers from the F 150.

2017 Ford F250 front

2017 Ford F250 Exterior and Interior  

Ford will keep that recognizable chassis and shape that was in the previous generation of this popular truck just this time, they`re going to make it from more lightweight materials than before. They`ll try to use as much them as the platform allows them to use. There won`t be some drastic changes in the design and Ford will only make some upgrades which will make him look even stronger than before. Larger headlights will be placed now with new LED lamps. The same as it`s going to be used for fog lights and taillights. His grille will become better and it`s going to be made from more chrome than before. Both of his bumpers will be produced with carbon fiber which will make them lose some pounds and become stronger than before. This is definitely one of the most important part for new 2017 Ford F250 because it needs to be stronger than ever. We expect to see it appearing with larger set of wheels than before.

Ford will make it look as best-equipped SUV inside so you can really finish all of your business easily. Top quality leather seats will be inserted in new 2017 Ford F250 and when you sit in them, you`re going to have a feeling like you`re sitting in a cloud. Those seats have so many directions of adjustment and they can be heated and ventilated as well. Instrument board is massive and made from combination of leather and soft plastic. We can see larger touchscreen which is now placed to the middle of that instrument board and which is good about it is that he can be used as control for most of the functions which will be installed in his infotainment system. Ford still haven`t revealed what those functions could be but we expect this new 2017 Ford F250 to be well equipped.

2017 Ford F250 rear

2017 Ford F250 Engine

This powerful, mighty truck as new 2017 Ford F250 really is must be powered with amazing engine unit, the ones which are decent his appearance. New 2017 Ford F250 is announced that`s going to appear with two engine unit and customers can choose what they love the most. First and, for most of us, basic choice will be 6.2-liter V8 petrol powered engine that is able to generate around 385 horsepower and torque amount of around 405 lb/ft. Second choice that can fit under the hood of new 2017 Ford F250 will be 6.7-liter PowerStroke unit which can supply this truck with the power of 440 horses and which can give him maximum torque amount of 860 lb/ft. 8-speed automatic transmission system will be only choice to be mated with the engines under the hood of new 2017 Ford F250 and it can transfer power to the every one of four wheels on this amazing truck.

2017 Ford F250 interior

2017 Ford F250 Price

Starting price for this extra popular truck from Ford`s lineup will definitely going to be around $40k and for that amount of money you can get basic trim level of new 2017 Ford F250 and if you want more, you`ve to pay more. Release date is still unknown but we estimate he can`t be released before February of 2017 so he`s almost here.

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