2017 Ford Falcon Engine, Redesign, MPG

2017 Ford Falcon front

The new 2017 Ford Falcon is a full size Australian car. The new edition comes with a revamped design which is quite different from the previous Falcon models. It takes cues from the renowned Ford Mustang giving it a sporty and dynamic aesthetic. The 2017 Ford Falcon offers a superb engine with high quality interior making it a great option for both utility and style.

2017 Ford Falcon front

2017 Ford Falcon Exterior, Interior

The new 2017 Ford Falcon comes with four doors resembling the door platform of the Mustang. It weighs approximately 3500 lbs, 74.4” wide, 211.9” long and 59” tall. The front is characterized by dual LED lights that are well designed with chrome strips and chrome frames just below the lights.

Fog lights are also available but come contained in a separate box. The 2017 Ford Falcon rear has LED lamps that appear more elongated and thinner than before. To sum everything up, the car’s front now has a revamped design with a dynamic look and sharper lines than the previous models.

The 2017 Ford Falcon interior is very spacious and five people can comfortably fit. It also features well built leather seats. About the center console, its touch screen features are now improved to ensure that it is easier to make use of entertainment and information than ever before.

Furthermore, it provides convenient connections that include Bluetooth connectivity, SD card slot and a USB port. Its sound systems are now higher in quality and it can now respond much better to voice commands.

2017 Ford Falcon side

2017 Ford Falcon Engine Options, Fuel Economy

The new 2017 Ford Falcon comes equipped with a 5.0 liter petrol and V8 engine. This enables it offer 420 pounds of torque and 471 horsepower. The car has the ability to accelerate in approximately 4.9 seconds from 0 to 60.It provides a six speed and automatic transmission together with another six speed manual type of transmission. However, the manual type of transmission is optional.

When it comes to fuel economy, its efficiency is approximated at 17 miles per gallon. This is remarkable fuel efficiency. This vehicle can achieve a 141 mph top speed and as much as it isn’t the best vehicle in fuel efficiency available in the market today, it is fast and powerful.

2017 Ford Falcon interior

2017 Ford Falcon Redesign

Its front end has been perfectly redesigned in an effort to make it appear sportier. The new 2017 Ford Falcon has also been redesigned by giving it trapezoid shaped honeycombs mesh grilles. The bumper colors quite differ from previous Falcon models with slightly smaller vents.

2017 Ford Falcon Release Date and Price

It has been speculated that the new Falcon will cost approximately $80,000. More recent announcements reveal that the car will be available in the market mid 2016. Rumors going rounds claim that this car will not only target the Australian market but also Asian and American markets.

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