2017 GMC Envoy Review, release date

2017 GMC Envoy Front

Since there was no sign from the GMC Envoy model for almost two years we thought that the manufacturers have given up on them, but we were wrong. According to latest news during the 2017 year will receive the second generation of 2017 GMC Envoy which we hope to be completely redesigned, and that it will offer number of exciting novelties, technological devices and variety of powerful engine options. Since it was very popular during its first release we are sure that it will make its fans quite excited and interested in what it has to offer. And here are some specs.

2017 GMC Envoy Front

2017 GMC Envoy Fresh new style

Of course, the new 2017 GMC Envoy will be the massive and powerful SUV like all of the members of its family but will receive an elegant and confident appearance. The boxy edges will be tamed and will give it sleeker appearance and refined looks. The nose will be sloppy but occupied with the powerful LED headlights which will save energy and provide the vehicle with the incredible visibility and ground clearance. It will have huge grille with wire-like bars which look quite decorative and will provide vehicle with the small but significant air vents. Despite of the fact that the new 2017 GMC Envoy is a massive and heavy looking model it is actually rather lightweight due to the specially made aluminum chassis.

2017 GMC Envoy Interior

The inner surfaces will be covered in finest materials in combination with classy wooden details. The 2017 GMC Envoy dashboard will offer a variety of devices such as modern air conditioning, a navigation system, Wi-Fi, a rearview camera and high-tech audio system. There will be a place for five people which will get all they need to feel cozy and relaxed during the ride. There will be the safety features for all the seats as well as infotainment options.

2017 GMC Envoy Under the hood, specs

We still don’t have the engine options specified by the GMC officials but we surely have some predictions of our own. So we expect two possible options for now, one of which is V6 and the other is V8. These are a 3.6 liter V6 engine with the production of around 280 horsepower and a 5.3 liter V8 unit of 302 horsepower. These engines will be paired with either 6 or 8 speed automatic transmission system.

2017 GMC Envoy Rear

2017 GMC Envoy Review, release date

The winter of the 2016 year will be full of surprises and the appearance of the new 2017 GMC Envoy will be just one of them. The amount you have to pay for the possession of the new 2017 GMC Envoy is utterly affordable and competitive and it will start at $25 000 for the standard trim while the advanced one will be offered for the sum of $35 000 which is great and attractive.

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