2017 Honda Accord Exterior and Interior

2017 Honda Accord front

When you hear that some car model had already 8 generations of successful products, it deserves all our attention when his producers announce that he`s going to receive new, 9th generation ready for 2017 year market. This time, we`re talking about Honda`s model called Accord, one of the world`s most famous sedans on the market. Let`s see if new 2017 Honda Accord can be the best Accord so far, as Honda announced him. We`ve all our faith in him, we really believe in Honda.

2017 Honda Accord front

2017 Honda Accord Exterior and Interior 

His exterior design isn`t something you need to be surprised with because it`s pretty simple and the way we`ve used to from Honda. New 2017 Honda Accord is built on the same shape as before creating extra aerodynamic abilities which will help him save some fuel which is one of the Honda`s main focus with every new model and especially with new Accord. Some of the new details are added to his exterior and definitely most noticeable changes are placed on his front part. There we can see newly developed grille which have some new chrome horizontal bars which can make him look more classier than before. Headlights look connected with the grille and they`re thinner than before but even more effective due to new LED lamps which will be used. On the back, we can see a bit larger taillights and slightly changed shape of exhaustion pipes. Both of the bumpers on new 2017 Honda Accord will be reinforced which will help him gain more power and with more carbon fiber in them, to reduce his overall weight.

With the interior as new 2017 Honda Accord have, Honda have no problems making him one of the top sold models for next year. His cabin combines two or three different styles so almost everybody can find something he love for himself. For example, we can spot some details which are looking sporty and elegant in the same time which is great move by Honda`s engineers and designers. That will make every generation love new Accord, families and younger generation as well. For example, with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems installed, you can`t be wrong. Honda`s main goal with new 2017 Honda Accord is to make him safer than before so we expect to see some new safety functions installed but still keeping in mind that they can`t forget to give him some of the best entertainment ones.

2017 Honda Accord side

2017 Honda Accord Engine

Only two engine options are known so far that can be placed under the hood of new 2017 Honda Accord and you have to choose one of them. First option will be 2.4-liter 4-cylinder unit with 185 hp and 245 Nm of torque. Second choice for this newest sedan model is 3.5-liter V6 unit which is able to supply it with the power of 278 horses and to give him 342 Nm of torque. Both transmission options will be offered, manual and automatic, 6-speed one. We`ve heard some rumors going on lately that new Accord will be offered with hybrid engine as well but we still haven`t heard anything official from Honda about it.

2017 Honda Accord interior

2017 Honda Accord Price and Release Date

Starting price for new 2017 Honda Accord will definitely going to be slightly under $25.000 but not much while we can expect to see him arriving at the local dealers at the beginning of 2017.

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