2017 Honda Civic Interior, Exterior

2017 Honda Civic front

Honda is definitely one of the most advanced car Company on the world and they haven`t gained that popularity overnight. They`ve manage to do that by creating some of the world`s finest models. Among them, Civic is definitely model that is most wanted and most popular. Hearing that 2017 Honda Civic is about to appear made us more than happy and thrilled because we know how great can be and how popular he is and how popular he can become.

2017 Honda Civic front

2017 Honda Civic Exterior and Interior 

If you want to have popular model, principle is simple, you have to create little bit of something for the biggest part of the customers. Because of that, new 2017 Honda Civic will be offered in both sedan and coupe version and in various trim levels to make him even more attractive to the biggest part of the customers. There won`t be some drastic changes in the exterior design and Honda will try to keep it recognizable. They`ll try to improve his shape to make him extra effective and to increase his aerodynamic abilities. Because of that, his front part is lowered down and it is positioned closer to the ground to make the air flow better around and under the car. Even though we`ve said that he`s going to be almost the same, 2017 Honda Civic did made some changes to make him look classier than before. New grille design is definitely something that will make him look better. More chrome is used to complete it. Every light on new 2017 Honda Civic will be updated with better lamps, LED ones, which are proved to use less energy while giving better light to it.

We`re used to see amazing interior design of Honda`s vehicles, in Civic after all. Because of that, we aren`t surprised with the cabin look we can see inside new 2017 Honda Civic. There are going to be new seats design which tells us that the customers are placed on the first place in new 2017 Honda Civic because those seats are definitely something you`re going to love inside. They`re going to provide better lumbar and sides support so you don`t have to worry about your spine and back. Instrument board will be a bit redesigned to make the driver and passenger control them easier than before which is great if you want to be perfect for families and younger generations as well. New 2017 Honda Civic will be more than well equipped with the safety and entertainment functions inside and some of the functions inside are: dual zone climate controller, cruise control, traction control, parking sensors, rear view camera, Bluetooth and USB connection, 4G LTE Internet connectivity, Pandora connectivity and many others.

2017 Honda Civic side

2017 Honda Civic Engine 

We know that new 2017 Honda Civic will be offered with two different engine options and among them one will be reserved for lover, basic, trim level while other will be for higher trim levels. First option will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit with 158 hp and with torque of 138 lb/ft. Second choice is 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder unit with more power to be equipped and with his power amount, he`s going to create speed enough to run from 0-60 mph in only 8 seconds. 31/41 mpg city/highway is his estimated fuel consumption.

2017 Honda Civic interior

2017 Honda Civic Price and Release Date

$20.000 will be the price for the basic trim level of new 2017 Honda Civic and if you want more power and more functions you`ll have to pay more for it. Spring of 2017 will be his release date period.

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