2017 Honda HRV Engine, review, news

2017 Honda HRV front

In the previous few years Honda proved to the world that they`re capable to create various categories of vehicles, among them SUVs as well. One of their best is definitely HRV which is smallest from their SUV lineup. With announcement of new 2017 Honda HRV we can see that the customers all around the worlds are more than pleased with that. Honda`s main focus for new HRV will be to make it stronger than before and that is definitely something that will make it even more popular than before. Honda knows that previous generation of HRV was extra popular in the Europe but they want to make him attractive on the US market as well. Let`s see can they, can HRV do it.

2017 Honda HRV front

2017 Honda HRV Exterior and Interior

Honda won`t make some drastic changes on this new HRV because they want the customers to find something familiar on new model. Definitely one thing that is different is that now, new 2017 Honda HRV will look tougher and more aggressive than before keeping it classy as well. We can see that some details are restyled, starting from the grille and headlights on the front to the taillights on the back. Headlights are sharper now and they`ll use better technology to make visibility better while they try to reduce energy wasting which is extra important in today’s times when customers wants to be “greener“. Because of that, Honda will try to make it with more lightweight materials so he can appear with the reduced fuel consumption which can attract some new customers. Honda will give him larger set of wheels, we have heard that now he`s going to be placed on 18.0-inch wheels which can make him look nicer than before.

First thing that you`re going to notice inside new 2017 Honda HRV is that he`s going to have new seats design which will help him attract more customers because now, they`re designed with extra attention to the ergonomic support they can provide, of course, keeping them made from finest materials as well. Functionality is definitely one more thing where 2017 Honda HRV must pay attention to. Instrument board of new 2017 Honda HRV will definitely receive some new buttons and larger touchscreen which will make the passengers and the driver control all of the functions easier than before. We know that Honda will try to make the balance between the safety and entertainment functions they’re going to install in new HRV to be part of their infotainment system. We have heard that there`s going to be functions such as: cruise control, parking assistant, rear view camera, hill assist, emergency braking system, satellite radio, new navigation system, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, Internet connection, more speakers and so many others which can make new 2017 Honda HRV closer to the people.

2017 Honda HRV rear

2017 Honda HRV Engine 

So far, Honda haven`t released many reliable information`s about the engine unit which new 2017 Honda HRV could use but we`ve made it to find out something new thanks to our reliable sources close to the Honda`s factory. We`ve heard that new 2017 Honda HRV could use 1.8-liter 4-cylinder which is able to supply this SUV with 138 horsepower and which can give him torque amount of 127 lb/ft. CVT and 6-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine and you can choose what you want from these two. As every true SUV, this can have its power transferred to every one of his 4 wheels.

2017 Honda HRV interior

2017 Honda HRV Price and Release Date

Starting price for new 2017 Honda HRV could be around $50.000 or slightly under that price but surely not $48.000 which can make him among the most luxury SUVs on the 2017 year market. His released date still isn`t precise but we assume it`s going to be somewhere around the spring or March of 2017.

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