2017 Honda Urban Design, equipment

2017 Honda Urban Front

Honda seems to be always ready for the fierce competition at the market since all of the vehicles they are producing have always been in the center of attention. Honda vehicles are characterized by the high level of innovation and their high quality design. For the year that follows they prepared quite an overwhelming model named 2017 Honda Urban which will be a perfect urban city travel companion. They have announced a number of significant cosmetic changes as well as the improvement of the engine options and their performances. Whether this is just a rumor or reality we are about to discover.

2017 Honda Urban Front

2017 Honda Urban Design, equipment

One of the most impressive thing is how Honda models are the inexhaustible source of inspiration and we always get surprised by the novelties these models get. When it comes to the 2017 Honda Urban we have to say that it has been armed with rather reserved appearance, cold, futuristic and highly upgraded outfit. Even though it seems like a rather massive and muscular vehicle it will be made out of the lightweight aluminum and other materials which will help 2017 Honda Urban in being more dynamic as well as efficient.

2017 Honda Urban Interior

On the other hand the interior will be even more minimalistic in design. This powerful crossover will have the powerful dashboard which will be supplied with the finest materials such as plastic and soft vinyl. Most of the controls will be electronic so there will be lots of knobs but well-organized as well as the large touch screen system with the number of infotainment as well as entertainment options. These standard devices will be navigation, air-conditioning, and audio system with speakers, Internet connection, cruise control and rear view camera. The 2017 Honda Urban cabin itself will be utterly spacious, luminous and could receive five passengers. Besides the entertaining options there will also safety features provided. Each seat will have seat belt and airbags. The interior isolation will be great so that the passengers will feel cozy just like at home.

2017 Honda Urban Specs, fuel ratings

We are not quite sure what will be the power train options available in this model since there is still enough time for the major changes. Still some source claim that the base model will be armed with an inline 4-cylinder 1.8-liter which will be able to supply the vehicle with the output of 138 horse power and 127 lb-ft of torque. It is going to be paired with the six-speed automatic transmission and standard front-wheel drive which will consume 40 mpg and optional all-wheel drive with the consumption of 38 mpg.

2017 Honda Urban Side

2017 Honda Urban News

It is believed that the new 2017 Honda Urban will be available for purchasing till the end of this year or maybe even during the summer of the same year. The pricing will of course depend on a trim level chosen so the base 2017 Honda Urban will start at $20 000 while the top one will reach $40 000.

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