2017 Lexus LC Engine and Release Date

2017 Lexus LC front

Lexus as part of Toyota, as its luxury brand must respond to every high-quality demands and because of that they decided to make a refreshed generation of their popular sedan named 2017 Lexus LC. According to the first information we have about the 2017 Lexus LC, there is no doubt that this model has all it takes that this model has all it takes to be on the top.

2017 Lexus LC front

2017 Lexus LC Review

The Lexus keeps making the vehicles which will be able to catch your attention and make you completely seduced by it. The new 2017 Lexus LC will be one of those vehicles, provocative and sharp models which will dare you to buy it. It will have a bullet-like structure which will slice through the air at high speeds. Its long and extended body structure will enable it to have great aerodynamics and even greater looks. The front fascia will be quite aggressive and will contain huge ventilation system shaped as in all the 2017 Lexus LC models in shape of the sand clock and very sharp, edgy LED headlights. The roof will be sloppy towards the rear part and will lower the inner space but will make it quite attractive. The rear part will receive new rear lights and pair of exhaust pipes. All in all it will be incredible.

The interior styling will be even more attractive and 2017 Lexus LC will offer all you ever needed of a sporty vehicle. This will be a two seater which will provide limited but more than enough ample space for its passengers and will make them will safe, comfortable and relaxed.  The seats will be covered in fine Alcantara leather and could be adjusted and heated when necessary. The materials used for its cladding will be offered in different color combinations with the decorative stitching and metallic accents which will make it look quite modern and futuristic. Some of the technological features available will be 12.3-inch screen, two-zone climate control, satellite navigation, new audio system and full power accessorize.

2017 Lexus LC rear

2017 Lexus LC Engine

One thing that surprised us the most is its powertrain option which is quite unexpected. To start with a powerful combination of Multi Stage Hybrid System this is a 3.5-liter V-6 gasoline engine with powerful electric motor, and a lithium-ion battery pack. It will provide the vehicle with the output of 295 horsepower as well as 257 pound-feet of torque with the additional 354 horses from the electric motor. Due to this engine the new 2017 Lexus LC will be able to sprint to 100 hp in merely five seconds which is quite overwhelming.

2017 Lexus LC interior

2017 Lexus LC Release Date

Even though we still don’t have the official release date and price announced by Lexus officials, rumor has it that new 2017 Lexus LC won’t come out before the March of the 2017 year. The price tag is still uncertain, still, one thing is for sure and that is that in order to be competitive with its major rivals its price won’t be starting bellow $100 000, which is expensive but expected.

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