2017 Nissan GTR Release Date, Sporty

2017 Nissan GTR front

New York Auto Show was host of so many great premiers and debuts and among them Nissan had opportunity to show what they`ve had prepared for upcoming 2017 year market. Well, we can say that they`ve used that opportunity more than well. They`ve introduced new 2017 Nissan GTR and that`s what`s going to make a lot of customers all-around the world more than happy. GTR is definitely model that is well know so with him, Nissan can`t make a mistake at all.  

2017 Nissan GTR front

2017 Nissan GTR Exterior and Interior 

This new 2017 Nissan GTR will be made on the recognizable platform so the dimensions will be same but there won`t be some drastic changes made on the design area. For example, headlights will be bigger than before and they`re going to suit this new GTR more than before. On the front fascia we can see that the grille is thinner with more chrome to be used to make it classier than before. Entire chassis will be made from lightweight materials, aluminum and carbon fiber mostly but good thing about the carbon fiber is that he`s capable to make entire car stronger than before as well. New and larger wheels will be added as well, 20.0-inch alloy ones probably, and with them, new 2017 Nissan GTR can be driver off-road as well. Which is also great is that he`s going to be offered with more exterior color options than before which will make the passengers happier than before.

We must say that the interior of new 2017 Nissan GTR won`t be some extra spacious or comfortable because he`s extra sporty with the effort to make you feel the speed. With new 2017 Nissan GTR one is sure, seats are placed lower to the ground and they`re going to be made in bucket style with more than enough direction of adjustments. Also, those seats can be heated and cooled and they`re going to be made with finest Nappa leather in great color shape. Instrument board is made with so many well-organized buttons which will make the driver easier to control of them easier than before while keeping the eyes on the road. We know that the functionality of new 2017 Nissan GTR will be more than great because Nissan confirmed that they`re going to add some new and more advanced functions.

2017 Nissan GTR rear


2017 Nissan GTR Engine

So far, only one engine unit is know that it`s going to be used under the hood of new 2017 Nissan GTR and when you know what engine will that be, you`re going to be more than thrilled with it. That`s going to be 3.8-liter V6 unit. This engine will be capable enough to produce 565 horsepower and to create maximum torque amount of 467 lb/ft. Acceleration time for this power amount will be 2.8 seconds from 0-60 mph while maximum speed is estimated to 197 mph. 6-speed dual clutch transmission system will be paired with this engine unit and it`s proved to be better than all the others before.

2017 Nissan GTR interior

2017 Nissan GTR Price and Release Date

Official information`s about the release date and starting price for new 2017 Nissan GTR aren`t available yet but we think he can`t be released before the March of 2017 and we think he won`t be priced under $120.000 for his basic trim level.

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