2017 Toyota Corolla Price, Redesign

2017 Toyota Corolla front

Just knowing that this will be 13th generation of Corolla is enough for you to give him your attention because you can`t say that something that is on them market for that long time is wrong, you can`t say that customers don`t know why are they buying this model. We know. They are buying Corolla because of quality. This new 2017 Toyota Corolla will definitely going to continue to be produced with amazing quality and with more than decent appearance and power. Just wait and see, Toyota`s model Corolla will continue to surprise you with fantastic generation`s yet to come.

2017 Toyota Corolla front

2017 Toyota Corolla Redesign

This new 2017 Toyota Corolla will definitely going to feature some new design and details. Great thing about this new Corolla is that Toyota will try to give him new shape which will be amazing to create incredible aerodynamic abilities. It is obvious that Toyota can do great things with the exterior and this new Corolla is great proof for that because they have combined amazing power with great style. Because of that, we know that new Corolla is going to be perfect for younger generation and for the families in the same time. Some new details are definitely going to be added to the exterior of this new 2017 Toyota Corolla because that is how Toyota works, they don`t want it to release with no change made at all. We can see thinner headlights with better LED lamps for better visibility and next to it, thinner grille which will give him classier design. This time, Toyota add him even more exterior color options. New wheels are also going to be added and we expect to see some new 17.0-inch alloy ones which will suit him perfectly.

With interior design as this new 2017 Toyota Corolla have, you`re going to be even more sure that this will be perfect car for families and younger generations in the same time. It is cozy, spacious and well-equipped with so many new features. There will be so many new safety functions as their attempt to attract more customers and among them there will be: cruise control, rear view camera, parking sensors, new navigation system and so many others. Other than that, new 2017 Toyota Corolla will be equipped with newly designed leather wrapped seats with amazing ergonomic support. To make new 2017 Toyota Corolla more attractive to the families with smaller children, they`ve installed some new entertainment options to attract them. There will be new audio system, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, Wi-Fi hot spot, voice recognition and others. And finally, you can choose will you want your cabin to be produced using top quality leather or some basic cloth material. It depends on how much money you`re willing to spend. Know this, new 2017 Toyota Corolla deserves only best.

2017 Toyota Corolla rear

2017 Toyota Corolla Engine

This new 2017 Toyota Corolla will be one capable car, ready for pleasure ride or for high speed driving, it`s up to you to choose. 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine will be under the hood of new Corolla and in basic trim version it`s going to be able to produce power of 132 horses and 128 lb/ft as torque amount. In some higher trim levels, new Corolla can give you power of 140 horses and torque amount of around 120 lb/ft. You can choose your transmission for this engine and the choices are 6-speed and 4-speed manual transmission system and both of them will be CVT. Fuel consumption will be reduced and we expect that to be something why the customers choose new Corolla, it`s extra effective car.

2017 Toyota Corolla interior

2017 Toyota Corolla PriceĀ 

This new 2017 Toyota Corolla have so many things to attract customers and one of them is definitely that it is affordable. Starting price for new 2017 Toyota Corolla will be $19.000 and it can go over $28.000 for some more demanding trim levels. Release date is going to be somewhere around February of 2017.

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