2018 Ford Kuga Performance, Price, Review


We are all aware that not much information`s are reliable when it comes to the upcoming cars because most of them are still just a rumors and all of theirs release dates are far away so their producers are still being quite mysterious about it. When it comes to the new 2018 Ford Kuga which is announced to be released, we can say that the rumors and speculations are going crazy so we`ve gathered most reliable information`s about it and we`ve prepared small review about it.


2018 Ford Kuga Review

What is sure about new 2018 Ford Kuga is that he`s going to look stronger than before and that he`s going to be equipped with better details to make it more muscular than his predecessors used to be. For example, there will be larger grille which is equipped with more chrome than it used to be before and now it is almost connected to the headlights which are made to be more useful and more effective than it used to be. On the rear part, we`ve hear that he`s going to be equipped with larger exhaustion pipes to make new 2018 Ford Kuga even nicer. Both of the bumpers are made to be reinforced and because of that, they`re going to make it from lightweight but strong materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. New Kuga will be placed on 19.0-inch alloy wheels to make it more off-road capable.

Interior design are still quite a mystery when it comes to the 2018 Ford Kuga because his designers and engineers and trying to make it better than ever. We are sure that he`s going to be equipped with even finer materials than it used to be but we still don`t know will Ford offer some additional seats to make more room for the passengers. Instrument board is surely going to be equipped with less buttons than before to make it more technologically advanced and more modern. All the functions will be updated and upgraded so we know that this new 2018 Ford Kuga will be one of the finest equipped SUVs for Ford`s 2018 year market.


2018 Ford Kuga Engine

Only one engine unit is offered for new 2018 Ford Kuga so far. According to the officials, it`s going to be 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder unit which is enough to create 180 horsepower and torque amount of around 180 lb/ft as maximum. 9-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to this engine unit and we expect it to be able to reduce fuel consumption. Speed and performances will surely be better than before.


2018 Ford Kuga Price and Release Date

$25.000 will surely be starting price for new 2018 Ford Kuga but we are still no sure about the release date, we think it`s going to be around the beginning of 2018, not before.

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