2018 Honda Element Cost and MPG

2018 Honda Element front

We just can`t get enough of this vehicles which are something between SUV and minivan because they are really interesting and they are so well designed. Of those is icon in this category, that is Honda`s model called Element which is about to receive new generation. New 2018 Honda Element will remain to be recognizable with his boxy design but just brilliantly completed vehicle. New Element will definitely going to represent real refreshment on the market because today we can see that almost every SUV looks quite the same.

2018 Honda Element front

2018 Honda Element Exterior and Interior

As we`ve mentioned before, new 2018 Honda Element will remain to be almost the same as before, boxy as we`ve used to it. There won`t be some iconic changes made on the exterior design of new Element, one change which is worth mentioning is that new Element will be bigger than before and with that increase in size we can say that we expect to see even higher level of comfort inside. We know that new Element will be equipped with finest looking grille that when stands alone isn`t that spectacular but it is complete with those amazing looking headlights. All the lights on new 2018 Honda Element will receive new and better lamps which will help him have better visibility. New 15.0-inch alloy wheels will be added and with them, new 2018 Honda Element can go only better. One more thing about the exterior of new Element is that he`s going to be offered with more exterior color options than before.

Because we all know that new 2018 Honda Element will be bigger than before we know that interior will be spacious than before with all equipment that it needs to have. Good thing about the cabin is that it isn`t going to be filled with numerous of buttons and knobs, Honda will give him one large touchscreen through which you can control almost all functions that will be installed as part of the updated infotainment system. Even though his comfort level was quite big before, now, it is even higher because there is more room and his seats are now even better. We still don`t know all the functions which will be installed in new 2018 Honda Element but we are more than sure that all old, proved ones, will be transferred to new Element and that some new ones will find their place in this new Element as well.

2018 Honda Element side

2018 Honda Element Performance

Honda still don`t want to reveal anything new about the engine compartment as so far, we know that new 2018 Honda Element will be equipped with the same engine unit which was present in previous generation with some small upgrades made. That will be 2.4-liter unit which can supply new Element with 166 horse power and 218 Nm of torque amount he`ll be equipped with. Transmission will be different, you can choose between 5-speed manual or automatic gear box which will help him reduce fuel consumption. Official estimations tells us that`ll be 20/25 mpg city/highway.

2018 Honda Element interior

2018 Honda Element Release Date and Price

Starting price of this minivan-SUV should go over $19.000 but some more demanding models will go over that price, that`s for sure. If you want more from new 2018 Honda Element you`ll have to give more money. Release date isn`t still announced but we assume that this new Element could appear as we reach this period of next year, so it`s going to be in May of 2017.

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