2018 Honda Vezel Released and Review

2018 Honda Vezel front

When we take a look on some new products that will be released from Honda`s factory one model will be specially designed for the Asian market, that will be SUV called Vezel and other markets will know him by the name HRV. This new 2018 Honda Vezel will definitely going to attract a lot of customers and no matter how will you name it, Vezel or HRV, it will be great and functional for every work.

2018 Honda Vezel front

2018 Honda Vezel Review

This new 2018 Honda Vezel will be smallest SUV which will be released from the Honda`s factory. We think that new Vezel won`t be released with some new features which will be placed on his exterior because previous generation was quite attractive to the most of the audience. Top shape, top style and top appearanceā€¦all this can be used to describe new Vezel and take one of this and you won`t be wrong. We can see that new Vezel look really attractive and because we know that he`s the same model as HRV is, there is no doubt that it`s going to be extra popular for the customers. Finest lights with newest LED lamps, reinforced bumpers and chassis made form lightweight materials, all that is used to make him closer to the customers. What we really love on this new 2018 Honda Vezel are his side lines which gives amazing impression about this new SUV.

We can`t say enough about the comfort level of SUVs and we think that we just can`t get enough of the soft leather materials. This new 2018 Honda Vezel will be more than well equipped with so many fine materials which will be used to create his cabin. For example, finest seats will be placed in this new Vezel with finest design, created with great lumbar support which will make your back feel perfectly rested, no matter if it`s longer or shorter trip. Functions which will be used in this new 2018 Honda Vezel are more than spectacular because Honda always pays special care for that. Honda still haven`t revealed anything about those functions but if we know that this Vezel will be quite the same with the HRV, we know that there will be only newest functions, safety and entertainment ones. Choose Vezel, and you`ll be thrilled with everything he can produce.

2018 Honda Vezel rear

2018 Honda Vezel Engine

Even though Honda announced that new Vezel will be released in 2018 we still don`t have official information`s what engine unit will be used to make him move. According to the latest information`s new 2018 Honda Vezel will be powered by 1.5-liter unit which will be more than capable to generate around 130 horsepower and more than decent amount of torque. Customers will definitely be more tan pleased with this engine unit but we`ve heard that new Vezel will be offered with at least one more engine unit, possible one hybrid engine unit to make it even better and closer to the customers.

2018 Honda Vezel interior

2018 Honda Vezel Price and Release Date

Basic model of new 2018 Honda Vezel will be slightly under $20.000 which will make him one of the closest to the customers and this cheap price will make customers choose him before some others. New Vezel can`t be released before the spring of 2018, not before March.

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