2018 Lexus GX Redesigned, Cost, Performance

2018 Lexus GX front

When we have heard that new GX will appear at the beginning of 2018 we were thrilled because this is one of the last models which weren`t refreshed for more than 7 years and it`s about time he receive something new. This time, new 2018 Lexus GX will be almost totally redesigned and made to be one totally modern SUV with so many exclusive details and with something that customers will really love. Focus for Lexus, as part of Toyota`s huge factory, will be to make him extra functional but still keeping him good looking and with great appearance. One more great thing about it, it`s going to be bigger than before.

2018 Lexus GX front

2018 Lexus GX Review

To make totally new car, you must start from the chassis and platform. This new 2018 Lexus GX will receive totally new platform which will be based on the Toyota`s Land Cruiser Prado which is proved to work great. But no matter what platform new GX use it`s great just knowing that it is new, if we know that his platform will allow him use lightweight materials in it, that`s only plus. We can really notice that Lexus paid a lot of attention to the exterior design of new GX. We can see totally new grille which really looks like true Lexus, it`s made using mostly chrome and now this grille design starting to become recognizable for Lexus. New design of headlamps is also present on new 2018 Lexus GX and together with fog lights under them, it shows amazing front part on this new GX. Both of bumpers are larger than before and because of that, already announced carbon fiber using, both bumpers will be stronger than before. As cherry on the top, Lexus gave new GX larger set of wheels, now there are 20.0-inch ones.

As we`ve said, new 2018 Lexus GX will be a bit bigger than before and thanks to that increase in size, Lexus will add third row of seats inside it. Now, 7 adult passengers can easily be seated in new 2018 Lexus GX. Biggest focus for Lexus`s engineers is to make new GX become one of their most comfortable SUV. Because of that, he received totally new seats, made from finest leather there is and made to have absolutely amazing design which will give you great feeling no matter how long or short trip will be. Great thing about those seats is that they`ll provide heating and cooling if you want it. Entire instrument board will be restyled with so many new functions and buttons added but don`t worry, all of them will be simple to use. As we`ve said, infotainment system of new 2018 Lexus GX will be among the finest on the market and so many new functions will be there but we still don`t know all of them but we expect only the best.

2018 Lexus GX rear

2018 Lexus GX Engine

This great SUV deserves to have great engine unit under his hood. So far, new 2018 Lexus GX have only one unit revealed. That is 4.6-liter V8 unit which can generate 300 horse power torque amount of 330 lb/ft. With this engine comes 6 or 8-speed automatic transmission system which will help him reduce fuel consumption and now it is estimated to 18/20 mpg city/highway.

2018 Lexus GX interior

2018 Lexus GX Price and Release Date

We know that this new 2018 Lexus GX can`t be offered before September 2018 and according to first estimations, new GX could cost around $50k, at least his basic trim version will be priced that. For more demanding trim level comes higher price.

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