2018 Lexus LX Performance, News, Released

2018 Lexus LX front

Every true SUV lover and true SUV enthusiast will now, at the minute he takes a look on this new LX on what SUV it`s based on. When you know that Lexus is maker of this SUV and when we know that Lexus is just part of Toyota`s brand, it`s obvious why he`s so close to the Land Cruiser. This new 2018 Lexus LX which will be only refreshed model of his predecessor and it will be his 5th generation ready for every demand of the customers which we can`t say they are small.p

2018 Lexus LX front

2018 Lexus LX Redesigned

This new 2018 Lexus LX will have the same shape as Land Cruiser and it will be made on the same platform to make him close to that model but with more luxury details on it. His grille will be slightly different than on some other new Lexus`s models but still stunning and beautiful with more chrome details than before. Great and most advanced technique is used to create his fog and headlights, with new LED lamps in it they can be one of the greatest and even better is that they`ll use less energy than before. Other than he’s more equipped with classier details, his exterior is more functional than on the Land Cruiser. This new 2018 Lexus LX have better aerodynamic abilities which will help him have better performances and to use less fuel than before. There won’t be some great exterior color choices and that could be the only thing that we don’t love about this new Lexus’s SUV.

Well, interior design is where the biggest difference between this two models is. This new 2018 Lexus LX is truly luxury SUV and that can be seen when you come inside. White, extra quality leather will be used to create almost entire cabin with some help of nice brown wooden details to make it look even classier and to raise his price even more. Comfort and spacious won’t be the only thing that will separate these two similar SUV models. Equipment which will be present inside new 2018 Lexus LX will be better than inside Land Cruiser, especially in the entertainment and safety functions. First thing you’ll notice inside new LX are two screen which are placed on the back of first two seats, especially made for the passengers in the back which will make him perfect family SUV made to be great on the longer trips as well. Every function is made to be simpler to use than before which will make entire vehicle easier to control.

2018 Lexus LX rear

2018 Lexus LX Engine

Even though we can say that this new 2018 Lexus LX is a bit different from his previous generation by the look, we must say that he won’t be different when it comes to the engine unit which will be placed under his hood but we do expect to see him with better performances. This new LX will probably going to use 5.7-liter V8 which can supply this SUV with 383 hp and it can give him 403 lb/ft of torque amount. We expect to see this engine work in pair with 6-speed automatic gear box which was also present in the previous generation and because of that we don’t expect to see some drastic reduce of fuel consumption for this new 2018 Lexus LX.

2018 Lexus LX interior

2018 Lexus LX Price and Release Date

$83.000. That will be the price under which you can’t get new 2018 Lexus LX, that’s for sure. Release date isn’t yet announced but we think he could appear at the April of 2018 which will be great to see him at the spring.

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