2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Released, Engine, Price

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 front

The Mercedes Company has announced the production of the new five-door model with the exclusive design and mind-blowing performances which made its fans quite interested. The announced model will be a 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 the fast seducer which is about to seduce the Mercedes fans all over the world.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 front

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Exterior and Interior

The new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 will be an attractive sedan model. It will be a sporty model with the incredible level of sophistication in its body sculpture and elegantly extended structure which will make it a real eye-catcher. Since it has been introduced as a high performing vehicle which is going to build out of the lightweight materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber as well as sheer metal which will reduce its total weight and improve it fuel economy as well. It will have low roof line, extended nose part and well-rounded rear part. The front fascia will be stylize with large grille as well as air vents ending with quite attractive LED head lights.

The cabin of the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 will be well-clad with the finest materials and occupied with wind-like instrument board and quite cozy leather upholstery. The cabin will offer seats for four passengers to travel with comfort. It will be equipped with some technological devices as well. The Internet and Bluetooth connectivity, new audio system, air-conditioning and rear view camera are just some of them.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 rear

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Engine

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 the powertrain choice will probably come as a surprise since we expected a variety of options and we are left with only one. The 4.0-liter bi-turbo V-8 will be the major weapon under the hood of the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 which will be able to supply the vehicle with 456 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque while the higher trim model GT4 S will have the output of 503 horses along with 479 pound-feet. This extravagant model will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. It will also use the special transmission system named AMG Speedshift DCT which will make it quite powerful as well as super-fast.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 interior

2018 Mercedes AMG GT4 Price and Release

Since there are so many things to be arranged we still do not have the information about the release of the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT4. Still its fans expect it to be available till the end of 2017 year or in February of 2018 year. Price wise, the situation remained the same, uncertain. But it is believed that this model will be starting at $ 140,000 and come to the sum of $ 129,000 which makes it high luxury and high price model.

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