2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Desing, Price, Released


When it comes to the famous Mercedes`s vehicles, the ones which are present on the market for more than 40 years, one of those is surely Mercedes`s SUV model called G-Class. This model was extra famous among the German military and among them, he has travel all around the world and on all possible terrains. New 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class is surely something you can expect to be closer to many different customers and his way to enter among the common crowd.


2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Exterior and Interior

To be honest, it`s great thing from Mercedes that they want to make G Class closer to the regular customers because this was more than remembered vehicle. It won`t be the same as before, new 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class will be slightly wider and larger than we know it, great thing to make him attractive to the US customers. All important details on the exterior of new G Class are still under heavy camouflage because they want to create something new on it. His grille will be bigger than before and it`s going to be almost connected to new and larger headlights. All the lights on new 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class will use some new lamps to make them shine better than it used to be while they use less energy than ever before. On the back, almost totally new bumper will be added with new lights design and with larger and rounder exhaustion pipes.

As you are used to, when you don`t have official and complete exterior design shown, you know that you can`t see everything you want from the inside. This time, new 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class will have his interior still hidden from the eyes of the customers. What is sure about his cabin is that it`ll be used way more finer materials than in the version which was released for the military. Biggest part of the new 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class cabin will be made from leather and wooden combination. A lot of different safety and entertainment functions will be installed to make him closer to the other customers, mostly families because it`s going to be more spacious and with amazing seats design.  


2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Engine

Engine compartment is still covered from the eyes of curious customers. According to the latest speculations about the engine options for new 2018 Mercedes Benz G Class, we know that he`s probably going to be powered with 4.0-liter V8 biturbo unit which is able to supply this SUV with 416 horsepower and with torque amount of around 450 lb/ft as maximum. Four wheel drive mode will of course be available with 7-speed automatic transmission system.


2018 Mercedes Benz G Class Price and Release Date

We still can`t estimate with great accuracy how much will new Mercedes Benz G Class cost and when will he be released. It`s probably going to be around the July of 2018 and he`s going to be priced somewhere close to the $125.000.

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