2018 Mercedes GLE Review and Price

2018 Mercedes GLE front

The moment when Mercedes reveal that new model is going to be released there are so many rumors about because there are so many interesting people which want to hear as many things about it as it is possible but Mercedes don`t want to reveal much. This new 2018 Mercedes GLE is definitely going to be among the models which can attract a lot of new customers and a lot of curious customers which can`t resist this newest SUV release from Mercedes. In the sea of so many new models which are coming, new GLE definitely have the ability to stand out of the crowd and be unique.

2018 Mercedes GLE front

2018 Mercedes GLE Review

Mercedes is company which is known by giving their vehicles exterior design which can serve them, not just to look at him and say that is nice. No, they want their cars to be functional. This new 2018 Mercedes GLE will be exactly that, it`s going to have amazing aerodynamic abilities before everything, even it is SUV. Entire chassis will be made from aluminum and carbon fiber with some reinforced details for those that want to take him little off-road. Every light one car will be made using newly developed LED lights that will make his visibility better and with that, it`s going to help him increase safety. Grille will be almost totally redesigned, now made with more chrome details than before for higher luxury.

Interior of new 2018 Mercedes GLE will be true Mercedes. Made with so much class and luxury that we can`t find any mistake inside. Every seat inside is made using finest leather material so the customers don`t have to worry about the comfort they going to feel inside. No matter if the road is bumpy or flat, you`ll feel perfectly fine because those seats have perfect lumbar support. Other than that great seats, entire infotainment system in new 2018 Mercedes GLE is upgraded with so many new functions added so you can be sure that no one can be bored in new 2018 Mercedes GLE.

2018 Mercedes GLE rear

2018 Mercedes GLE Performances

Mercedes is definitely going to offer more than one engine option for their customers to choose because that is how they work, they want customers to have various options for them, to choose what they want from new 2018 Mercedes GLE the most. Basic trim level of new GLE will almost surely be powered by 3.5-liter V6 engine that is more than capable to generate around 302 horse power and torque amount of 273 lb/ft which present great amount of power. Than we have 3.0-liter twin turbocharged V6 that is able to supply new GLE with 329 horse power and 354 lb/ft of maximum torque amount. One more engine that we can connected with new 2018 Mercedes GLE is going to be 2.1-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel with power of 201 horses and 369 lb/ft of his maximum torque amount. Some latest rumors tells us that new GLE can be offered with one hybrid engine as well but that isn`t confirmed yet.

2018 Mercedes GLE interior

2018 Mercedes GLE Price and Release Date

It is still hard to estimate official price for new 2018 Mercedes GLE because it seems that Mercedes have some more thing to do with it but we know that his basic trim level can`t go under $65.000 and he`s going to be released probably in the April of 2018.

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