2018 Mini Sedan Cost and Rumors


The moment when BMW bought Mini, we knew that there will be something changed because this company don`t deserves that poor place on the market. This time, they`ll try to make totally different approach and that can be done simply making Mini vehicles larger. First thing they`ll do is to create new model, that will be new 2018 Mini Sedan and first full-sized sedan to arrive from this British company.


2018 Mini Sedan Exterior and Interior 

To be honest, we all know that this new 2018 Mini Sedan won`t be exactly new vehicle and that he`s going to be based on some other more popular Mini`s model. First, front fascia of this sedan will be similar to the Mini`s model called Clubman. Chrome lined grille, wider than on every other model is surely the nicest thing on this car, next to the headlights which are made again in that famous round shape that we all love on the Mini`s cars. On the sides of new Mini we can see some new lines and different door handles. Looking to the rear part of new 2018 Mini Sedan it`s easy to see that there is also some Clubman influence visible. Almost the same taillights will be there with short trunk. Even though this car can be placed in the sedan category, he`ll surely be one of the smallest sedans on the market so he`ll be perfect for city driving.

You would think that new 2018 Mini Sedan will be one of the most roomiest on the market but since this will probably be one of the smallest sedans on the market. Inside this new Mini’s model we can also see the influence of the Clubman. There will be large instrument board with touchscreen display on the middle of it to help the driver and the passengers control all the functions easier than before. Among so many great functions, we can see that there will be great balance between safety and entertainment functions so new 2018 Mini Sedan will be great for both families and younger generations.


2018 Mini Sedan Engine

At the moment, we know two engine options to be available with new 2018 Mini Sedan. It`s probably going to be basic choice and we expect it to be 1.5-liter 3-cylinder unit which is able to supply this car with 134 horsepower and with 162 lb/ft as torque amount. 2nd, additional engine choice will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit which is able to deliver 189 horsepower and torque amount of 207 lb/ft as max. Two gear box options will be available, one 6-speed automatic and other 6-speed manual transmission system.  Both FWD and AWD modes will be available for new Mini Sedan and we have heard that his top speed will now be limited to the 140 mph while his acceleration time will be around 5 seconds from 0-60 mph.


2018 Mini Sedan Price and Rumors 

His release date is still hard to imagine but we can`t expect him arrive before the April 2018 and we don`t expect to see new 2018 Mini Sedan to be available for the price of under $30k.

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