2018 Nissan X Trail Desing, Performance, Price

2018 Nissan X Trail front

In the latest years we have seen some of the finest crossover models coming from the Nissan`s factory and among them was X Trail which is about to be refreshed and ready for 2018 year market to complete Nissan`s lineup for that year. New 2018 Nissan X Trail will definitely be produced with many updates that will help him gain even more customers even though he`s not going to be released with some iconic changes in the design.

2018 Nissan X Trail front

2018 Nissan X Trail Exterior and Interior

Biggest difference and update for new 2018 Nissan X Trail will be that he`s going to be created using mostly lightweight materials that will help him reduce weight and fuel consumption but to increase performances. Great thing about new X Trail is that he`s going to look really tough which is suitable for him because he`s meant to be taken off road as well. As we`ve said, there won`t be some iconic changes in the design, he`ll remain the same shape and dimensions. All his lights will be updated and made using new LED technology which is proved as currently the best there is for the better visibility.

Interior will also be redesigned a bit, not with some significant changes. Cabin of new 2018 Nissan X Trail will remain to be spacious and technologically well equipped. New X Trail can accommodate 7 passengers inside and we must notice that those passengers in the 3rd row of seats can`t feel that cozy like ones on the first two rows. Passengers in the 1st and 2nd row of seats can fully be relaxed and they can totally enjoy the ride because they can even adjust their seats, first row of seats can even be heated or cooled. All the seats will be made using only finest materials so we know that new 2018 Nissan X Trail must be comfortable SUV so he`s going to be extra suitable for the large families.

2018 Nissan X Trail side

2018 Nissan X Trail Engine

Nissan still didn`t reveal anything about the engine that will fit under the hood of new X Trail so we must turn to the rumors that are going, and there aren`t that much of the rumors going around. Only engine that we`ve heard is 2.5-liter inline-4 that will have ability to generate around 170 horse power and torque of 180 lb/ft. This engine will be paired with 6-speed CVT gear box and it will sent the power to all four wheels of new 2018 Nissan X Trail. This is only engine that we can connect with the new 2018 Nissan X Trail so far, some rumors tells us that even hybrid engine will be offered for new X Trail but Nissan still didn`t confirmed that.

2018 Nissan X Trail interior

2018 Nissan X Trail Price and Release date

Because Nissan wants their vehicles to be closer to the people they`ll give new 2018 Nissan X Trail starting price of $20.000 which will make him one of the most affordable crossovers. We think that new X Trail can be available in the beginning of 2018.

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