2019 Lamborghini Asterion Electric and Release Date


One of the greatest models from the hybrid lineup of Lamborghini models will be incredible 2019 Lamborghini Asterion which will be one of the most complete but utterly expensive vehicles at the market. But despite of that we can still admire the high-quality features it offers as well as its rather high performances.


2019 Lamborghini Asterion Inside and Outside

Upon first seeing new 2019 Lamborghini Asterion you will think that you see some outside world vehicle which will take you to the future. It will have a rocket like structure of the body, with aggressive and sharp bodylines which will contribute to lavishness of its structure. It will be offered in different metallic color options and will be placed on 20-inch alloy wheels which will make 2019 Lamborghini Asterion quite striking. The front part will be oval and extended with the large air vents underneath it. It will also receive new LED lights at the front as well as new rear lights in shape of thin line.

The interior of the new Lamborghini Asterion will be all but ordinary. Its materials will make it utterly sophisticated and stylish as well. It will offer high level of comfort for five passengers on leather upholstery with the milky white and caramel brown colors all over it. There won’t be many knobs on 2019 Lamborghini Asterion  dashboard which will be rather minimalistic and modernly looking with the addition of the new interactive display with all the necessary information about the vehicle itself. There will also be some incredible technological features such as rear view camera, navigation system, Wi-Fi connection and many others.


2019 Lamborghini Asterion Engine

As you may have already assumed, this new model will get a brand-new engine which will be 2019 Lamborghini Asterion secret weapon on its way to the top place at the market. This will be a 5.2-liter V10 unit with 3 electric motors containing lithium batteries. It will be able to generate around 897 hp and to sprint to 60 mph in merely 3 seconds. The max speed may vary depending on a utilization of the motors, but with the usage of all four motors 2019 Lamborghini Asterion  will be able to develop 200 mph. This model will be four-wheel drive and its engine will be combined with 7-speed dual clutch transmission system.


2019 Lamborghini Asterion Price and Release Date

Concerning the price the upcoming Lamborghini Asterion will be quite exorbitant in comparison to its main opponents. The base model will be starting at $200.000 while the better equipped models will reach the sum of $300 000 but it will be worth every dime. Even though we are all quite anxious in waiting for the 2019 Lamborghini Asterion release we will have to wait a bit longer till November of 2017 year but it will definitely pay off.

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